Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cake In A Cup- Meet Pastry Chef Breanna! (Guest Post)

Hey there!  It's Thursday and I am linking up with Mama Kat for her Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop.  Are you?

Assignment: Create an "instructional" post where you show readers how to do something cool or useful or yummy.

I thought long and hard about what FAN-tabulous, yummy instructional post I could share with everyone. You know, given my vast knowledge and all...

I came up B-L-A-N-K.  Shocking.  I know! 

But then I remembered that my niece Breanna, A.K.A. Pastry Chef In Training, has been cookin' us up some DE-licious chocolate cake in a cup the last few days. All. By. Herself.  She's 9!  Can I get a "You Go Girl"?!?!  (If what "they" say is true, that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, she's gonna have her CHOICE of beaus later on in life...MUCH LATER...with skills like these in the kitchen!)

Pastry Chef Breanna has graciously agreed to complete a pictorial guest post to show you just how easy this treat is to make in ONLY 9 Steps...from start to finish!

Gather everything you will need
Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Vanilla, Cocoa, Eggs, Milk, Tablespoon & Coffee Cup

Measure all DRY ingredients into a coffee cup
4 TBSP of Sugar

4 TBSP of Flour

3 TBSP of Coca

Measure all remaining ingredients into the coffee cup
3 TBSP of oil

3 TBSP of milk

1 egg

Just a little bit of vanilla
Mix all ingredients thoroughly

"Bake" the cake
Place the cup of yumminess in the microwave

"Bake" for 3 minutes

Clean up your baking "station"  

Carefully remove the cake in a cup from the microwave, using an oven mitt.  Let cool a few moments.

 STEP EIGHT (optional...ya right?!?!)
Add some ice cream and Hersey chocolate sauce...oh my! LOL!

STEP NINE (not optional)
Eat & Enjoy!

I just want to thank my niece for taking the time to share ONE of her MANY talents with me and everyone who has stopped by today.  Love You Lots! xoxo
Watcha Ya Waiting For?  Go & Get Your Inspiration On...


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Such a cute post, and how fun for your niece! :)

Thanks for the recipe!

championm2000 said...

Thanks, Breanna, for making it look so easy, especially for a non-cook like me!

Miss Megan said...

Looks fabulous!!! I'm definitely going to try it! Thanks for sharing Breanna! You did a great job!!

Themodernmomclub said...

Great post! Breanna is very creative and I'm definitely trying this!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Good job Breanna! Karen :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

love the post! And the step by step :)

I can vouch for that recipe - it's good and easy :) And at least you don't have a full cake to finish!

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